Information Services
for you.
Bentley Consultancy, was founded with a simple ethos, commitment to our clients. Many companies talk about commitment, but few actually delivery it. Are goal is to develop a true partnership with you and deliver on this commitment. When you partner with Bentley Consultancy, you will be working with experienced professionals who have been there, seen it and most probably gained a few scars in the process.
Defence Challenge
So how good are you?

Do you feel confident that nothing is wrong?

If so why not ask to take our Defence Challenge where we will attempt to detect security weaknesses in ALL of your systems, and seek to identify flaws in your processes.
Cloud based Web Hosting
for Small to Medium Business.
We’ve partnered with one of the UK best hosting companies and are able to offer their award-winning cloud hosting, which is ideal for websites of all sizes, from small first projects to large established websites. All their hosting is fast, reliable, and backed up by free UK support.

Telephone: +44 (0)1204 326 309

IT Services for All

At Bentley Consultancy, we want to make it easy for you to do business with us and we strive to make sure that you get the greatest possible amount of value from our work.

We act as guides, helping you to understand your Information Services requirements and offering services to help you deal with everything from security risks and exposures, to network and productivity improvements all with the focus to help you satisfy regulatory requirements, shareholder demands, and ensuring the viability of your organisation going forward.

How we can help

our work

At Bentley Consultancy we understand that whether you are a small organisation or a large multinational, your time is your most limited resource, and that sometimes it not always easy to see the full benefits that someone can offer.

Simply take a few moments to look over our common offerings and gain an understanding of how we can aid and assist you and your organisation.

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How we work?

our solutions

By working in partnership with you and listening to your needs and concerns we are able to help you protect your organisation, allowing you to concentrate upon the day to day operation of your organisation.

Working together we help you identify any risk or short comings in your current processes, control any identified risk, minimise costs, and maximise your return on investment and performance.

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Why choose us?

our advantages

In a word, experience. We are a group of highly trained, information security and business professionals who have been responsible for the implementation of both business performance improvement and security solutions for clients around the world.

We've seen it and more importantly we’ve done it and if we haven’t then we don’t offer it as a service, it’s that simple.

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