Cyber Security Services

Bentley Consultancy Cyber Security Services fall within three distinct categories, covering all disciplines of Information Security. With multiple services which can be tailored to suit all organisations and needs, we are certain that we will be able to help you and offer a solution that will be able to meet your requirements.


Assurance & Confidence

Bentley Consultancy Assurance services and bespoke awareness training is designed to assist you and your organisation to incorporate security best practice into the very foundation of your security controls.

Providing services such as Awareness Training, Security Assessment/Gap Analysis, and Security Log Reviews, aimed at providing your organisation with the needed level of assurance that you are utilising your security resources/budget in the most efficient manner and provide you with the confidence you need.


Identify Before It Happens

Investigation of emerging and evolving security threats is of paramount importance to Bentley Consultancy and enables us to provide tailored Cyber Intelligence to our clients.

The results of our scrutiny of these threat intelligence leads, feed into our program of ongoing development and refinement of our assessment tools and other security services. Enabling us to provide you with just the threats that affect your organisation and endeavour to prevent security incidents before they occur or provide you with enough warning to prepare.


Remediate & Mitigate

Our bespoke reviewing, mitigation and investigative service are designed to provide you with the ability to remediate security breaches and the potential implications of those attacks.

Services can be offered on a per-case or managed service basis, with analytical inspection of data sets and provide the answers to the 5 W’s:

  • What they did.
  • When they did it.
  • Who did it.
  • Where they have been.
  • Why they did it.